Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here Comes the Cavalry.

Here's the completed Wind Rider squadron, including 4 Guardian Jetbikes with Twin-linked Catapults, 2 Guardian Jetbikes with Shuriken Cannon, and a Warlock with Singing Spear (and Embolden).

After whining that the Warlock on bike would be so hard to model, it was actually pretty straightforward.   I started with this model and then cut it off at the waist, cut off his right arm, and cut his left arm at the shoulder.  I replaced his legs and right arm with the Jetbike Guardian versions, and repositioned his left arm so that the spear pointed forward.

The lower robes were not a problem at all, as I cut all that off anyway. The most difficult part was the right arm. The Guardian arm was too flimsy - without a robed arm the model looks asymmetrical. So I had to make a sleeve out of greenstuff. I think I did a fair job, but nothing that would pass close inspection. He won't win any awards, but he's WYSIWYG, which is important when you tell your opponent that you're putting a Strength 9 shot up the exhaust pipes of his Leman Russ.

Tactically, I worry that this squadron is too large to hide in cover, and even Turbo-boost and Embolden (which allows the unit to re-roll failed morale tests) may not be enough to keep them around. But I can break them down into two smaller squadrons if I need to. They're a finesse unit, and I'm sure they'll end up getting wiped out a few times before I figure out how to use them.

Next up: more Fire Dragons.