Sunday, March 6, 2011

Here Comes the Cavalry.

Here's the completed Wind Rider squadron, including 4 Guardian Jetbikes with Twin-linked Catapults, 2 Guardian Jetbikes with Shuriken Cannon, and a Warlock with Singing Spear (and Embolden).

After whining that the Warlock on bike would be so hard to model, it was actually pretty straightforward.   I started with this model and then cut it off at the waist, cut off his right arm, and cut his left arm at the shoulder.  I replaced his legs and right arm with the Jetbike Guardian versions, and repositioned his left arm so that the spear pointed forward.

The lower robes were not a problem at all, as I cut all that off anyway. The most difficult part was the right arm. The Guardian arm was too flimsy - without a robed arm the model looks asymmetrical. So I had to make a sleeve out of greenstuff. I think I did a fair job, but nothing that would pass close inspection. He won't win any awards, but he's WYSIWYG, which is important when you tell your opponent that you're putting a Strength 9 shot up the exhaust pipes of his Leman Russ.

Tactically, I worry that this squadron is too large to hide in cover, and even Turbo-boost and Embolden (which allows the unit to re-roll failed morale tests) may not be enough to keep them around. But I can break them down into two smaller squadrons if I need to. They're a finesse unit, and I'm sure they'll end up getting wiped out a few times before I figure out how to use them.

Next up: more Fire Dragons.


  1. Hey it's me! Looks pretty good! Simple yet effective. Also liking the colour scheme. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog incase i see anything inspiring (so i followed you =D)

  2. Thanks, and welcome to our blog. I'm following yours as well, for the same reason.

  3. Love 'em. The warlock really stands out and looks great, from the pics.

    That squad looks like a ton of fun to play with. Remember only 1/2 the squad needs to be in cover so find a way to get 4 of them in and the other 3 can be wherever. Still may be a challenge given the size of the models but it may be easier than you think.

  4. That's a good point. I think it's going to come down to a practiced use of the move-shoot-move routine. Simple in theory, tough in practice.

  5. So I used these gentlemen in a 2-on-2 game yesterday at GW. They were unlucky on rolls, but fun to use. The Warlock threatened a Land Raider but missed, and then the squadron used their assault move to get behind a building. Sadly the LR in question had firestorm flamers and the cover was useless. Next time I'll try them in two squadrons.

  6. Ususally i get mine to pick on a rhino. They tend to die quite quickly if they get seen. I think splitting into two would be good.
    The unit with the Warlock can sit on an objective while the other can act as a baiting unit or act as a contester, depending on the opponent. I think they could at least hold up some scouts/grotz/etc (weak objective holders).

  7. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.