Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fire the man at GW that names colors.

They're brighter than I was aiming for - it never occurred to me that Striking Scorpion Green would not be the base coat for Striking Scorpions. Snot Green is somehow the proper color - SS Green is the highlight. 


At any rate, I rescued them through the liberal use of Thraka Green wash. They're still brighter than the typical Scorpions, but that works for me - my Craftworld color is olive green, so this helps them stand out from the plebian Guardians.


  1. Very nice, D'ork! I look forward to seeing them infiltrate my line on Saturday. I think the brighter green looks good. The new scheme they recommend in this edition has too much contrast between the yellow trim and the green coat.

  2. Thanks! One less unfinished unit...