Friday, August 27, 2010

Random Pictures

Here's some shots from our recent July 4th Battles, which included one 2,000 point game of Eldar and Tyranids vs Necrons, and some Kill Team missions.

2,000 points of Necrons

1,000 points of Eldar

1,000 points of Tyranids

 Eldar and Tyranid set up, in the middle

One part of the Necron army


  1. Fire dragons are pretty awesome to have against Necron, I wonder how long it took those destroyers to blow up their ride.

    Does Necron00b use C'tan at all? Deceiver perhaps?

  2. Traditionally, he uses neither. He recently got both of them as gifts, and he used the Nightbringer for the first time in the 2,400-point game we blogged about on August 12.