Tuesday, December 28, 2010

...and it only took four months.

Like every Eldar player of low morals, I've conspired to field a three-man squadron of War Walkers, themselves wielding a six-strong arsenal of Scatter Lasers, all loitering next to a smirking Guide-seer. So it was generous (if not wise) for Necronoob and Synack to each buy me a Walker as a birthday gift. I already had one, and Zain60 compounded their error by giving me two spare Scatter Lasers and a fourth Walker- a 3rd-edition all-metal version, at that.

I haven't had time to build Zain's Walker, because it's taken me all the days between Labor Day and this one to finish the first three. I should have 2,000 points in time for the Mayan Apocalypse.  

But for now I'm content.  No more proxying tea-lights for the lithe war machines of an ancient race, even if blowing out candles to represent casualties would have made me smile.

So thanks to everyone - this unit is the manifestation of your generosity.


  1. I'm glad I could contribute to the Eldar War Fund. Your army is visually striking and very effective. You get a second Fire Prism and I may have to rethink my strategies against you completely.

  2. That's on the roster of future purchases, but not before: more Fire Dragons, another Wave Serpent, and jetbikes.

  3. I was just admiring your paint jobs and realized....I think I've spent more time on the wrapping paper for your gift than painting my army since that time. Sad. (Though it was worth it just for the fun...)

  4. Yes, Ms. D'Ork and I both appreciated the effort that went into the elven cracker jack box.