Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unclean One of Greatness

wtf - daemons? Well yeah I have had a thing for Papa Nurgle since the Lost and the Damned book came out (note - the other book, Slaves to Darkness, was awesome too). If I could find good copies for less than $60 a piece I think I'd buy them. So I have some daemon models and I decided to take a break from 'Nids to strip and repaint them.

After letting the big guy sit in Simple Green for a few days the paint came off very nicely and I was able to get started.

First, I coughed on him. I was very sick at the time and I figured Nurgle would bless the model if it had a contagion on it. Then the normal priming, painting, drybrushing, etc.

A few problems I see:
1) I forgot to darken the inside of his mouth... oops. I'll go back and do that.
2) He looks just like I think a GUO should look but the colors are all so light they seem to wash out on the front. On the back they have better contrast because the details are better and more varied. Looks better from the rear? Hmmm better not go too far down that path.

Oh well I'll deal with it because I don't want to go back and fiddle with it any more and like I said - he looks just like a GUO should to me.

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  1. Niiiice. You're right about the details on the back end, it looks like there's a lot more action there, thanks to the exposed spine but also the weaponry, which somehow seems more visible from the rear than the front. I guess it's made for gaming, where you can admire it even as it charges your enemies. :)