Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nugle contingent done... for now

My plaguebearer command is now done so I have 25 plaguebearers (incl. command) plus a herald battle standard bearer. In addition I have the GUO. I have in my possession a metric crap ton of nurglings but I haven't started on them yet.Now on to the herald of tzeentch and the pink horrors!


  1. Bah! Lizard fodder, all of it!

    Seriously, that's sweet. I love the colors. Very chaotic. Most Nurgle units are monochromatic, and I don't think I've ever seen any reds.

  2. I added a closeup. My only regret with the unit is that I made the herald and command squad all the same color. Adding some brown and orange would have been good.

  3. The standard bearer looks different than the other two. If you make a second plaguebearer regiment, you could paint the second FC in reds and then mix the two FC's across the two units.