Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Saurus Regiment Brought to You By the PlayStation Network Outage

When the PSN went down, I decided to spend a few days curled into the fetal position by the television, making M-16 noises and earning killstreaks in my mind. Eventually my unfinished Lizards lured me back to the painting table and sanity, so that I could know what one box of 16 hand weapon Saurus warriors looks like with a full command group of champion, musician, and standard bearer.

Aztec is bling.
The lizard base coat is hawk turquoise with ice blue highlights; the scales on their backs are regal blue with hawk turquoise highlights. Reds are mechrite red with fiery orange, and yellows are iyanden darksun with sunrise yellow. The shining gold/burnished gold on the weapons and shields marks the return of metallic paints, colors I moved away from as I painted my Orks, and had completely set aside as garish when painting the Eldar.

Of all the models, I'm least happy with the champion. Despite his pauldrons and unique mace, he doesn't look champ-y enough compared to the rank-and-file. (Just try to find him in the picture to the left.) I should have given him the more ornate shield, but I don't think it would have made a difference. I like how the standard bearer turned out, tho. Lizard banners are very well done conceptually, and if you paint it semi-competently it looks great.

Artsy night-time shot, or lazy photographer with flash?
The next unit I have to assemble and paint will be similar, but armed with spears - the hammer to the hand-weapon unit anvil. Eventually both regiments will be 20-strong, but two units of 16 will have to be enough to anchor my line for now. I'll probably actually field 15 per regiment, in three ranks of five lizards each.


  1. Great highlighting! And I love the standard. The drum for the musician is very well done.

    You are right about the champ - I think I found him but only because you tipped me off about the distinguishing feature.

    Right now I'm starting on my pink horrors and finishing up the plaguebearers. I'll get some pics up soon. Never got around to taking more pics of the fiends.

  2. Thanks! I could have done more with them, but I think they look good, and I need to move on to the spearmen. I may still go back to the champ if I find a way to make him stand out, such as shield pennants or glyphs.

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