Monday, July 26, 2010

Fixing Necrons: The Lazy, Wasted Knights Way.

Necronoob and I have been talking about how to give Necrons some love while we wait for the update to their 10-year-old codex. With Dark Eldar getting updated as early as November (if the rumors are true), Necrons are now officially the low man on the totem pole, with the rumor mill suggesting that their update will come in March or April of 2011.

So we here at WK have some poorly-planned, half-formed ideas for bringing the Necrons up to par in the interim. This represents a straightforward, modest step forward for the 'crons, to be play-tested and evaluated. If needed, we'll throw some more buffs their way soon.

1. No more Phase Out.
2. New Warrior cost: 16 points per model (the old cost was 18).
3. New Flayed Ones cost: 16 points per model (the old cost was 18).

Here's our thinking:

No more Phase Out: In addition to weakening the army across the board, the Phase Out rule also makes the Necron player worry that his low model-count army isn't horde-y enough. It also unfairly penalizes the Necron player for taking some of his most interesting units (like Pariahs and Tomb Spiders), just because they aren't "Necrons," and props up the marginal Warriors, by giving them the dubious distinction of being the cheapest actual Necron (at 18 points a model - no paltry cost).

New Warrior cost: 16 points per model (the old cost was 18): This reduced cost reflects their lower effectiveness against vehicles in 5th Edition, as well as their total lack of upgrades.

New Flayed Ones cost: 16 points per model (the old cost was 18): Guardsman currently pick these things up (carefully...) and take them to their Imperial Petting Zoos (Slogan: "Come look at the Xenos before the next bi-weekly invasion of 1.2 million Space Wolves and 340 Njals!").

Rules to be playtested this Saturday, with a Battle Report to come...


  1. I'm looking forward to the results. Last time we all played together it sounded like there might be a problem between destroyers and heavy destroyers. Are you going to address that too?

  2. Destroyers are nice. If I played Necrons I would have 15 in every game. Maybe 50 points is a bit steep, but otherwise they're OK.

    Heavy Destroyers are a bit overpriced, and Necronoob has had bad luck with them. We talked about making them twin-linked, but we tabled that for a later game once we get a handle on the proposed changes.