Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a difference a day makes...

My weekend goal was to finish the Fire Dragons and their ride. For the first time ever, I seem to have  accomplished my mission.

Here are the Fire Dragons and the Wave Serpent:

Here is a "before and after" - the Serpent on the left is for the Dire Avengers. It's what the Dragon Serpent looked like this morning.

The pictures don't really convey the difference, unfortunately. The yellow of the model on the left is much improved by three coats (!) of Desert Yellow on the model to the right. It's a low-pigment color that takes a lot of work to cover anything, and I was beginning to wish I hadn't used it. But now I'm glad I have something to tone down the Iyanden Darksun - otherwise it's just too yellow and garish next to the Olive Green.

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