Friday, July 23, 2010

Gluing Metal Models

Necessity is the mother of invention and she delivered a small but healthy baby to me tonight. I was attempting to super glue the arms on two lictors and I spent more time separating my fingers than anything else. The dang arms just wouldn't stick on. Metal doesn't like sticking to metal for whatever reason and on some nights it just seems to be worse than others. I know a lot of people advocate greenstuff in this situation but I've never been impressed with the bond. Using pins seems like a huge pain in the ass.

So what to do? For no reason I can think of (other than the bourbon) I stuck a small piece of paper towel in between the metal parts and then put a moderate amount of super glue on the piece of paper towel. Hold the metal/paper towel/super glue sandwich together tightly for 30 seconds... and it sticks together! I tested the bond about 30 minutes later and it seems strong.

No more holding metal pieces together for 5 minutes like a dope for me. Thank you, mama necessity.


  1. ...What... is... this thing you have done? I... holy cow. That sounds genius. I'm not even going to guess why that works, but darn if that's not sweet. I'm going to try this the next time I need to glue my Sisters...

  2. Nice! I've never heard of this before, but it makes total sense. I guess the paper fills in the gaps between two pieces of metal that aren't in good contact.

  3. Thanks guys! When I think about all that time spent gluing metal arms into sockets...

    I tried it again today, this time with the huge scything talons on the lictor and it still worked. I had to put in 2 pieces of paper towel though, possibly for the reason D'Ork gave - bigger hole = potential for more gap.

    I bet this works great on small base-size models like Necron warriors and Sisters.

  4. I'm using this trick on my Striking Scorpions right now, and it works like a charm.