Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lining up a shot.

Already a veteran of two battles, my Fire Prism finally saw a paintbrush this week. Here's to hoping that a fully-painted tank has more luck in the field.

I originally considered a completely different color scheme, but after agonizing a bit, I stuck with the camo-like scheme used on the Wave Serpents and the War Walker. With three different Aspect Warriors in my force, the craftworld colors already felt a bit compromised. Painting the Prism a different color might have given me a confused-looking army. Instead I reversed the turret scheme to tan with green, and painted a few extra pieces (the vectored engines and the tabs around the intakes) tan, giving it a slightly lighter effect.

I was going to leave the barrel crystals transparent (as shown in the official shot here), but the glue frosted the interior of the large, two-part crystal in an ugly way, and I was forced to paint them. I'm happy with how it turned out, tho - the deep red makes a better contrast with the rest of the model, and the highlighting (ironically) makes them look more crystalline, in my opinion.

Zain60 disagrees with me, but I think the new Fire Prism model is an improvement over the old. The long, slender Prism Cannon is menacing but elegant, compared with the clunky, stubby crystal of the old model. And the vectored engines (the "floating" tan panels on the rear corners of the hull) give the tank more weight, as befits anything carrying such a massive gun.

Next up: Necronoob and Synack were each generous enough to give me a War Walker for my birthday, so two more Scatter Laser Walkers are next in the queue. With that done, I would actually be able to field the army I used against Zain60, without the egregious proxies!


  1. Generous? Think nothing of it, my friend. I hope it serves you well. And if it makes you feel any better, I didn't even leave a bruise on the kid I took it from. ;D

    I really like the paint scheme on this tank, and the red does meld quite good.

    Not sure whether I like the old model or the newer one better. The new one looks much sleeker (and therefore probably better for the fluff of the happy star faeries), but the short cannon on the old one somewhat fits it more. Coin toss, IMO. The walkers look cool as Paul Newman in a 70's prison uniform, though.

  2. I am a fan of the old one simply because, as fat as it is, it's not as long and seemingly unwieldy. However, I think you've done it justice here. Much like black is slimming to wear, I think the black and red of the weaponized crystal is minimizing but beautiful so it doesn't seem so overdrawn.

    Very nice job. The use of more tan was a good call. The green wouldn't have contrasted as much with the black/red of the crystals and darkened the model too much. Also, I couldn't agree more on the crystal needing paint to look like a crystal. Transparent plasti-glass can't get that hashed or glared effect. Even if it was the old glue burn plastic problem that was the impetus (which has happened to me more than I could count)

    I'm excited to face it today on the field of battle.