Sunday, October 17, 2010

back to painting

Well not exactly my best effort but it's nice to get back to painting. It's so hard to find time these days with young kids. One day hopefully they'll be indoctrinated and will want to model too but until then I'll have to steal modeling time where I can. This latest batch is 4 warriors with deathspitters and scything talons and 1 warrior with a barbed strangler and scything talons. I'd like to find a way to get a 6th warrior in the unit but in the 1500 point army I'm aiming for the points are too scarce.

Deathspitters are incredibly versatile at S5 AP5 and with 3 shots apiece. AV10 has a lot to fear, and AV11 is in danger as well. It will be a good unit to outflank with once I can get a Hive Tyrant with the Hive Commander option.

Which brings me to... My next purchase is going to be a Hive Tyrant and some WHFB dragon wings. I plan on completely magnetizing the model including the wings in case I want to add some tyrant guards later and make him a walkrant instead of a flyrant.

Painting-wise my next project is 16 devil-gaunts. I already have them base coated so those should be done in just a couple of sessions.

If I can find the time.


  1. Love the purple. I wish I could use that in my Eldar. Does this make 1500 points, once the gaunts are done?

  2. Painting-wise I need to do some zoanthropes and some hive guard as well. I'm close. Those gaunts are about 50% done so really one dedicated day should be all I need to get them done. Then the zoans and hive guard shouldn't be too bad.